Thursday, January 6, 2011

There comes a time in one's life when he suddenly realizes the importance of people around him. Then he hopes, its not too late to tell them that he loves them..but more often than not, life's a bitch..
Today I want to tell u that i love you..and again i hope that its not too late..
Even before i could understand, you became more than just a part of my became all of it..
if i didnt say it, it was because words were always few to explain your place here..
Every morning i smile thinking that some day your face will be the 1st thing I'll see in the never looked so beautiful and colors never seemed so are every thing i ever wanted and i pray to God that someday you feel the same way too..
Dont want to sound cliched but seriously, no one can and no one will ever replace are the reason to live and I dont want to see the day in my life without you in it..
So please forgive me for i have been stupid..
I may not be the guy of your dreams but I'll make sure every dream of yours come true before you wake up..
I'll make sure every time your feet touches the ground, it finds roses..
I'll make sure every flick of your wrist creates a magic..and every word i say, you hear "I love you"..
I love you..


Zave said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this?
And seriously, the above one is a huge doubt, I need to know asap!
And if the answer is no, I would say, "way to go my boy"!

ACe said...

No i was totally sober..ghar me hu yaar..i cant get drunk here..

kNUX said...

Love youu too man!!!

GNUger said...

dude.. i didn't know u r so much into devesh.. :P

Dhupa said...

I want to ask the same question as that by gourab...were u drunk wen u wrote it??

Misha said...

m speechless...beautifully written..

Misha said...

DEVESH! SHUT UP!!..don steal my thunder!!