Monday, March 7, 2011

Every coin has a flip-side to it. If only we can willfully and discreetly look at the right side of it then I can be sure, all our roadblocks can be avoided. Now if you are sitting inside a room, how will you be able to measure its dimensions? similarly, we are often so engrossed in the wrong side that we invariably fail to realize that there may be a blend of yellow behind this opaque blue. But how do we make this blue layer transparent-is the question.
In a world where about 34000 children die of hunger and preventable diseases everyday, we should consider ourselves very lucky shouldn't we? Then what is this bond that chains us, blinds us from all the destitute, makes us look into our problems, no matter how small they be, projects them as unmissable hurdles? What makes us feel that things can never be smooth in our lives and who said these lines- "Problem is the synonym of life"..and why? Even though I know that this society is completely paralyzed, I am still pulled in to be a part of it.
Many wise, grown ups believe that spiritual uplift brings you real happiness. Swami Vivekananda famously said, "To serve man is to serve God". Every time I hear this, I am like- "Come on man, whom are you kidding?"! The day I will serve another man only in my service to God, I will know that his problems are bigger than mine. Here, on the contrary, we give them more problems so that ours look smaller. And you are talking about serving!! The only things we can serve today are food, our company and our sentence!
I hate the concept of possessiveness. In my opinion, all the Cardinal sins have this root cause. Or maybe the human brain was programmed this way- To find something that is in scarcity and then fight for it amongst themselves! And in this fight, one simply does not care if his friend is dying for this sake. As a matter of fact, the word 'friend', I believe, is one of the most misused words in modern society. This is a free world, isn't it?? Think again!!

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twists and turns!!

She was right! "How on earth is someone like you" she said "with a girl like that?? She is way out of your league, dude!!" I realized the hardest way possible how right she was..
I always wanted one thing so badly in my life- to give her more happiness than I possibly can imagine of. Sometimes I wonder at the irony of life. My imagination fell short of her expectations. No matter how hard I tried, happiness was always an illusion.
I always wanted to have the perfect relationship for us. I so wonder at the sarcasm of life. Even something near perfection was always a mirage of a mirage.
I always saw others breaking apart and thought 'mine will be stainless'. Life mocks in wonderful ways. Stains never evaded us right from the starting to the end.
Sometimes I think I was the one at fault, sometimes I know so. How can she do something wrong when she is such an epitome of perfection? When she is so out of my league, I must have been the one to screw it up..
I clearly remember making so many promises, all lost somewhere- washed away with the flow of events turning around the courses of life.
Maybe it was for the general good..maybe it was for her's..maybe it wasted me forever..maybe it saved me from it..
Whatever it is, i know for sure that it definitely killed a part of me. Cause i made vows that I could not keep.
No matter how badly I want her to come back and scream at me for all the stuff i sucked at, I know she has moved on long back and I am never going to get another shot at it though I cannot possibly explain that I am willing to trade anything for a 2nd chance..
Be happy girl..That is all I pray for today..and i will forever..