Monday, November 16, 2009

Going up in Smoke

Begging and ragging are social crimes..and so is smoking-universally considered an esoteric pleasure as well as a habit people are always ready to kick and take up at the same time...Tantamount to suicide, this is a never-stopping addiction, perhaps no one can justify!!!
Cigarette making industries on the other hand are more than grateful for the three basic fundamental laws of smoke..
1) they are cool..
2) they are addictive
3) they are cheap, affordable, and available..
Early smokers think of themselves as trailblazer bohemians, only to find out that a stick so much in budget comes at the expense of a life..
Peer pressure, considered by many is a main excuse of juvenile smokers..

Everything started the very day i lit my 1st cigg..since then i have been trying to quit, but i eventually en up lighting up one more.. Now i smoke in the morning, after breakfast, after lunch, after classes, before dinner, after dinner, and a few more before going to bed, and countless in between these fixed times..
I smoke for mendacious tranquility, I smoke to find a vent from fake stresses, I smoke to avoid dizziness, and i smoke to smoke...the more i despise smoking the more i am drawn towards it...
The millionth time i reprimand myself, the millionth cigg i light up...

Now the million Dollar Question is :- will i ever see the day when i will fail to find a cigg in my hand??
Or will I be the same pusillanimous, lackadaisical guy who would go up to the Doctor and ask him with all courage -