Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There it goes..

Treat me with reverence and I will treat you with dignity.
You know I need you and I know you want me.
But my ego refuses to bow down and beg.
And you wait for the day I kiss your hand and propose.
So we walk, miles down the road.
Side by side, but don’t cross paths.
We both feel the other’s presence getting close,
But we don’t look eye to eye.
Then comes the day I wake up and start to walk.
But I no longer feel you beside me.
I search for you and look for you.
And the thought of losing you haunts my day.
I promise, to put my ego aside,
And hold your hand the moment I see them.
The day goes on and I run for solace.
And the day goes on, desperation dripping from my face.
In this day of wandering and wandering,
I finally see you when the sun sets.
I see you are being carried.
By a gentle man, gentle enough to bow.
Gentle enough to wear a suit.
To go down on his knees,
Give a rose and propose.
You find this offer too enticing to refuse.
You say you still waited for me but you lie.
You never wanted me I feel.
My respect, you don’t deserve.
And I cry my heart out.
Call you back with all my soul.
But you are too far now.
And my ego refuses to bow.


Zave said...

You too!

Dhupa said...

Do I have the ryt to know what its all about ??